How a Berlin startup revolutionized the supplement industry

The world of supplements can be a confusing one. There are hundreds of different options, from the most common ones like calcium to the rarer options like l-sarcosine. Finding the right supplement for your needs can be difficult, which is why companies like CAPSLR have come to the rescue. Founded in Berlin, CAPSLR is a startup that helps people save money and time by using a capsule filling machine.

Capsule filling machines are an ingenious way to save time and money on the capsules and supplements that you consume on a regular basis

A capsule filling machine is able to produce capsules and seal them with a tamper-proof cap, which is a perfect way to protect the health and safety of your family.
CAPSLR’s filling machine allows you to fill capsules at the speed of a few seconds — turning the need for shelf space into the no-brainer it is with a capsule-filling machine.
Capsule filling machines have existed for quite some time. In fact, CAPSLR was founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Alicius Schröder, and the company had raised more than the lower limit by the time it completed its Series A round in December. CAPSLR has been working on its fill-capsule device ever since.

The product launch was in January 2020 and became a bestseller on Amazon in under three months

The capsule filling machine, also known as the CAPSLR, is from a startup in Berlin that specializes in helping people save money by filling their own capsules instead of buying them from the market.
When it comes to supplements, there are a variety of unhealthy options. Some capsules contain unhealthy fillers like corn, while others are filled with unhealthy chemicals like propylene glycol. The capsules that you purchase from the store are often filled with unhealthy fillers and chemicals that can cause health problems. However, with a capsule filling machine, you are able to fill your own capsules, which means that you are avoiding unhealthy fillers and chemicals.
The first thing that you should do when it comes to avoiding unhealthy filling agents is to fill your own capsules with a capsule filler. Filling your own capsules with a capsule filling machine will allow you to avoid unhealthy filling agents like gelatine, silicon dioxide, and other cheap fillers. Instead of turning to unhealthy filling agents, which can be harmful to your health, you should fill your capsules with a capsule filling machine. This will allow you to save money and time, as you won’t have to spend hours searching for the right capsule filling machine.

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